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Should you throw out your slow or broken PC and buy a new one or get it repaired?

“It doesn’t matter if your computer is 2-months old or 5-years old, it’s literally programmed to be thrown out and replaced.

For the average user, who uses a computer for web browsing, email and other normal day-to-day usage, a computer built in 2006 is just as capable of operating at the same speeds as a computer built in 2014.

PC manufacturers, as well as software companies like Microsoft are under tight pressure to continuously sell consumers on purchasing “the next big thing”.

Even technology from over 7 years ago can handle 95% of normal processes just as quick as the newest hardware on the market”.

If you need service on your PC, most likely we can help you. We will service any brand Windows based PC as long as parts are available. We will do onsite as well as in shop service with the promise of completing the repair as promptly as possible. We keep a wide variety of new and used parts in stock at all times and if we don't have it, usually it can be orderd and received in one or two days. If we need to install a used part, we will always notify the customer that the part is used. New parts are not always available for older computers.

Click the 'Home' link above and send us an Email or call us if you have a question or want to inquire about our repair services.


Need help designing a Wndows based network for your home or office? Having problems with your computer(s) or software? At Axtell Electronics, we can isolate your problem(s) and recommend the best solution(s). Our rates are reasonable and our service is prompt.
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